Rough Carpentry & Drywall

If you want the Finish work to be done right, you have to build a good framework. From basic drywall to complex roof framing, the team at W.T. Stocum & Sons understands the importance of getting the job done right. Our Rough Carpentry and Drywall services include:

Division 5

  • Metal Framing
    • Light gauge metal

Division 6

  • Wood Framing
    • Dimensional lumber
    • Timber
    • Trusses
  • Sheathing
    • Plywood
  • Blocking and Nailers
    • Interior (In-wall)
    • Exterior
    • Roof blocking

Division 9

  • Drywall
    • Installation
    • Repairs
    • Finishing

Contact us today to discuss how our in-house team of professional craftsmen can give your project a solid foundation.