Historic Renovations & Reproductions

Historic Renovations

An historic building has a past. It has been bent by the whims of time and has the scars to prove it. Perhaps that is why we cherish these old structures and want to give them a new lease on life. It is also why any historic renovation project must be accepted with the knowledge that an old building always has a surprise in store. To handle this effectively takes knowledge, experience, and flexibility. W.T. Stocum & Sons is a Specialty Preservation contractor that has the expertise to anticipate challenges associated with an historic renovation project, from repairing or replacing antique window sashes, to matching historic millwork styles or leveling warped floors.

Safety and environmental concerns are also different for an historic structure. As a Specialty Preservation contractor, our team is trained in the unique requirements associated with lead, friable materials and other hazards often found in older buildings.

Historic Reproductions

You can learn a lot from working with older buildings. The knowledge we have accumulated over the years working with historic buildings has great value for customers building historically accurate reproductions. In addition, our historic millwork capabilities help to ensure every element of construction is executed in keeping with time-honored traditions.

Historic renovation and reproduction is an art. The in-house craftsmen at W.T. Stocum & Sons understand the subtleties of this exacting trade. We look forward to speaking with you about your project.